Productive Employees

In many organisations, the human workforce remains the most essential resource. Even with investment in digital technology, automated processes and efficiency measures, things grind to a halt when no-one is working.

For this reason, the success of a company is dependent on finding the right employees. It is equally important to encourage them to stay.

Staff Recruitment

Finding the right employees is possible if you focus on the skills that you really need in the business, rather than sticking to a rigid job description. The more open minded you can be about the necessary qualifications, working hours and other details, the greater the potential pool of talent you can draw from.

Your applicants don’t need to have it all. By providing a robust and supportive training programme it is possible to fill skill gaps, build experience, ensure your employees gain confidence and teach them in the way that matches your company ethos. Be aware that intensive induction training isn’t sufficient for really developing your staff; we are all limited by how much new information we can process at one time.

Staff Retention

On-going support and training also enables employees to further develop skills and progress their career. This benefits the company and the individual, yet good quality, personalised training is low on the agenda of too many companies.

Another factor in building a motivated and productive team is to remember that they are people not machines. They benefit from time off to relax and rejuvenate. This fact seems to have been lost in many organisations, where people feel pressured to eat lunch at their desks, prepare presentations or reports in the evenings and answer emails and calls during periods of annual leave.

Lunch Breaks

As a manager it is important to make it the company policy to get away from the work space and take a proper lunch break. You may be able to find space for an eating area or allow them sufficient time to pop out for lunch. You should encourage employees to go out for some fresh air and exercise as it will enhance their performance in the afternoon.

At the very least, it is important to provide a water dispenser, which employees can visit as many times as they wish. Water rehydrates the body, helping to fuel the brain, muscles and body functions. The simple act of moving over to the water dispenser allows employees to stretch, reset their posture and take a momentary break, all of which can play a part in preventing ill health.

Out of Hours Work

In every company there are times when deadlines, last minute orders and other essential priorities mean that employees have to step up and work outside of the usual hours. As an exception to the rule, this is acceptable, but it should never become a habit. People need time to undertake personal commitments, spend time with friends and family and enjoy themselves. It is only when we have sufficient time to unwind that we can recharge and perform at a consistently high level.

If there always seems to be too much to do within the working day, it is time to look at prioritising the work schedule or employ additional staff. If your expectations are too high and employees feel under constant pressure, the quality of work typically declines.

Annual Leave

Everyone should be given annual leave and when they take it, they should not have to undertake any work related duties. Planning ahead will ensure that essential work is completed and someone else is prepared with what might arise in the coming days. Communications with employees on leave should be kept to an absolute minimum – emergencies only.

Feeling Valued and Respected

The simple act of giving positive encouragement, recognising achievement and rewarding individuals for their contribution also plays a massive role in boosting motivation. If employees feel valued and respected, as well as having opportunities to grow, there will be less temptation to look for alternative employment.

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