As business owners, we all understand the importance of making the right first impression. In order to achieve this, we might insist our employees wear a smart uniform, we can provide customer service training, we could add clear signage to our offices and invest in a smart reception area.

One area which can let a company down is the standard of the bathroom facilities. The toilets are likely to be far from your top priority, yet this small room is likely to be visited at least as much as your meeting room. Your staff will need to make frequent visits through the day and visitors may pop to the loo as their first port of call on arrival.

We might not pay much notice to a standard, clean toilet, but a dirty washroom, where the toilet paper or soap has run out suggests a lack of care. It can imply that you don’t take a pride in everything you do, that your staff aren’t valued and that you don’t pay attention to detail. It is repelling.

Imagine your best clients or newest prospects using your toilets prior to meeting with you. Like it or not, if your bathroom standards aren’t high, it is going to impact on their view of your business.

Some hotels, restaurants and offices go to great lengths to create elaborately decorated washrooms, with stylish designs and accessories. There bathroom facilities can become a real talking point and a real asset to the business. You don’t need to go to such great lengths to make a good impression, but certain standards are essential.

Washroom Essentials

The first essential point is that the bathroom is kept clean. No one loves cleaning, especially in the toilets, but it is an essential job. By providing a toilet brush, cleaner and wipes in the washroom, it doesn’t take much effort for people to keep it in good condition. Regular toilet checks help to ensure things are as they should be.

In addition to the toilets and sinks being clean, it is also important that the walls and flooring are clean. Damaged tiles, cracked lino, pealing wallpaper all look unattractive and also provide an ideal breeding ground for germs. If things aren’t up to scratch, it is worth investing in redecoration. As the washrooms are typically a relatively small space, it doesn’t have to be a costly and time consuming project.

In any washroom you need to ensure there is a suitable supply of soap, water, toilet roll and hygienic hand drying facilities. In addition, most people would expect a mirror, so they can check their appearance. Another important consideration is how the room is going to stay smelling fresh. Air fresheners are a good idea, especially when there is no window that can be left ajar.

Additional Bathroom Facilities

Depending on your business, there may be a number of other considerations. You might need to provide disabled toilet facilities, with appropriate equipment to allow ease of access and use. Baby changing facilities or children’s toilets could be required. As a means of preventing toilet blockages, you could opt to include feminine hygiene and nappy bins. You could install personal hygiene vending machines or freely available supplies of basic essentials.

If you would like advice on improving your bathroom facilities or professional washroom services, High Wycombe based Chiltern Hygiene can assist. We are accredited by the Independent Washroom Services Association and our work complies with both Health and Safety, and Environmental, legislation. From advice, through to full washroom services, Chiltern Hygiene can help your company to make the right impression.