As the owner of a pub or restaurant, a priority is the kitchen. You need experienced chefs, reliable local suppliers, an efficient team and a tempting menu. The kitchen has to be well equipped, with good systems in place to ensure that every table receives their meals at the same time. Cleanliness and hygiene are vital, especially now that food hygiene ratings have to be clearly displayed on the door.

In addition to the kitchen, the customer area needs to have appeal. From rustic charm and themed interiors, through to contemporary design and a touch of luxury, potential customers will make a lot of judgements based on the look of the place. There is no doubt that no matter what the style, a well-presented area will attract passing trade, as well as returning visitors.

Less consideration is likely to be given to the toilets. A small room at the back of the pub is easy to overlook, but could you lose out if your loos aren’t up to scratch?

A small room it might be, but many customers will be heading to the toilet at some point during their visit. If they find a clean and fresh environment, with all the facilities they need, they are unlikely to give the washroom a second thought. If extra touches have been added to make the room a little more inviting, they will be noticed. It will also be noticed if things aren’t up to scratch.

Few customers will ever enter your kitchens, but they will make a judgement on your hygiene standards based on the condition and care of your washrooms. If the toilets are dirty, the paper is peeling off the walls, the floor is stained, the lock is half off or there is no soap, they will want to get out as quickly as possible. Their mind will wonder if the kitchens are also dirty and uncared for and this can soon put them off the meal they are about to be served.

Great British Pub Awards

The Best of British pubs are celebrated annually in the Great British Pub Awards. In addition to the core categories such as Best Beer Pub and Best Pub Food, additional categories are added each year. In 2014, Best Pub Loos was one of the ‘guest’ categories. The entries were filtered down to six regional finalists and on the night The Broad Leys in Aylesbury was awarded to coveted prize.

Two years on and the impressive designs are still maintained in pristine condition. The Broad Leys is a great example of a pub that wants customers to have a great experience, whether they are popping in for a pint on the way home, tucking into a delicious plate of food or ‘freshening up’. The clean and stylish toilets have made a great impression on customers.

Washroom Services

Pub and restaurant washrooms should be cleaned daily, with a deep clean scheduled in on a regular basis. Staff should be trained on how to maintain bathroom hygiene standards and a good supply of soap, toilet roll, paper towels and cleaning product should be at hand for them to use. Regular monitoring of toilet facilities during opening hours will also help to ensure that everything is in order.

No one would claim that cleaning and maintaining toilets is their favourite job. If you could benefit from some assistance in order to keep everything up to scratch, why not employ a specialist company? For local washroom services, Aylesbury and surrounding areas are served by Chiltern Hygiene. We have a great reputation in Buckinghamshire and have helped many businesses to make the right impression when customers spend a penny.