Your employees should be your greatest asset. If you select individuals who share your values, who bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the company and who work well together, you can develop a strong, effective team.

A good team isn’t solely reliant on the individuals themselves, it also depends on your company’s culture and your investment in their individual and group needs. People are motivated by such factors as their work environment, the training and development opportunities, their ideas being listened to and achievements being recognised. If you want to attract and retain high great employees, this isn’t a tick box exercise; it requires a commitment.

Work Environment

Every employee needs access to specific equipment in order to carry out their job. No matter what their role, this equipment should make it easier for them to carry out their role and must be both safe and convenient to use. The majority of people like their own space, so identify areas which are solely for that person’s use; it might be a desk, a van, a shelf, locker or working bay. This is an area that they will identify as their own.

In addition to the practical requirements for fulfilling a role, employees also look for additional facilities that they may need to use during the day. We spend so much time at work, so it is important that there are toilets, changing, kitchen and dining areas for employees to use. The available space may not allow for extensive facilities, but it is important that these areas are clean and appropriately furnished.

When there are customers to satisfy, regulations to comply with, updates to keep up to speed with, finances to manage and goods or services to produce, the cleanliness of toilets and kitchen areas is unlikely to be a top priority, but it is an essential consideration. We are all repulsed by dirty, unhygienic washrooms and kitchens and you don’t want your staff feeling like that at work.

If you haven’t the time or inclination to ensure that these areas are spotless, it is wise to invest in professional washroom services. If you are a Buckinghamshire based business looking for washroom services, Aylesbury and surrounding areas are served by Chiltern Hygiene.

Training and Development Opportunities

If you are looking for employees who are striving to be the best they can, then you need to offer them the chance to build on their skills and work towards their ambitions. If you don’t they will reach a point when they need to find a new job in order to progress and you’ll be faced with the disruption, cost and time involved in finding a replacement and bringing them up to speed.

Encouraging Ideas

No matter what role we are in, we all bring with us a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight. Openly presenting your employees with the aims, challenges and opportunities that the company faces and encouraging their ideas on the way forward allows you to see things from a variety of perspectives and the process can be enlightening.

If you do hear a gem of an idea that you are keen to explore, give credit where it is due. Also offer feedback on how you are taking that idea forward and the results it generates. This not only encourages a positive, team spirit, but also encourages more idea sharing in the future.

Celebrating Success

You don’t need ‘Employee of the week’ certificates or annual award ceremonies, but it is important to offer genuine praise when individuals have performed well, achieved something significant or made a difference to how things are done. The success of your business as a whole is the result of everyone in the team fulfilling their role, so everyone should be involved in the celebrations.

If you want an effective, loyal team who help move your business towards ever greater achievements, then you need to invest in everyone who works with you. A good salary isn’t the only or even main factor that supports employee retention.