Washroom Services

Washroom Services

Time is a limited resource and for many business owners, this is evident on any day of the year. There are endless courses on time management, but putting everything into practice is a tough challenge. So many demands on your time come from external sources.

You begin the day with a list of tasks that you are going to work on. You may have prioritised the tasks, allocated time slots and worked out what you can delegate, so you just need to brief the person taking on that responsibility.

You may have arrived early and got off to a good start, but all too often the plan gets lost amid the myriad of other demands on your time. An employee wanting support, a customer wanting a meeting, a supplier arriving with stock, an unexpected call and before you know it the working day is coming to an end. With the extra items you’ve had to add, your list hasn’t got any smaller.

Does this sound familiar? The reality is that a business owner’s job is never done and juggling all the different demands can be a challenge.

There are employees to motivate, customers to satisfy, regulations to comply with, updates to keep up to speed with, finances to manage and goods or services to produce. You need to market your brand, analyse your results, plan goals and learn from issues. You need to build relationships with reliable suppliers, loyal customers, effective partners and skilled staff.

A Clean Workplace

With all the other demands, a clean workplace simply isn’t on your radar. In fact, you are too busy to notice if the cups have been cleared and cleaned following yesterday’s meeting, the carpet has been vacuumed or there is a plentiful supply of toilet paper. The trouble is that your staff and visitors will.

Impact on Employees

If employees see that no one really cares about the state of the work environment, they are unlikely to take it seriously themselves. This can escalate the problem and lead to a culture where there is little respect for the workplace. In a clean workplace, everyone follows the example and takes greater responsibility for clearing up.

In addition a clean work environment is more likely to be tidy and organised. If things are kept in order, then they are easier to find when needed. This can help everyone to work more efficiently, respond quickly to customer and colleague requests and reduce the risk of workplace hazards. This is also an effective way of reducing stress, so can also help to reduce inefficient use of time and sick leave.

The spread of illnesses is also reduced in a clean environment, especially in the kitchen and toilets. Hygienic washrooms and food preparation areas are essential for healthy employees.

Impact on Visitors

We all make judgements on appearances, it’s human nature. You might have a highly successful business, which is well established. You may have invested in state of the art technology or friendly and efficient customer service. You may have won awards or achieved accreditation, but if visitors see dirty toilets and untidy work spaces it can be enough to put them off. The outcome of a productive meeting could be ruined if the visitor pops to the loo before heading off.

Washroom Services

If you care about your employees, your services and the reputation of your business, then you need to clean. In the day to day running of a business, this is unlikely to be a top priority, but the problem can easily be solved if you invest in washroom services. Knowing the worst jobs are done and to the highest possible standards is worth every penny.

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