Productivity and Water Dispensers

Productive Employees In many organisations, the human workforce remains the most essential resource. Even with investment in digital technology, automated processes and efficiency measures, things grind to a halt when no-one is working. For this reason, the success of... read more

Kickstart the Workplace

It is no secret that hydration is not only necessary to survive, but it also plays a big part in becoming the best version of yourself. Fitness fanatics are forever preaching the importance of healthy eating, but there is also a constant reminder that water is vital.... read more

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Deadlines, compliance, changing customer demands, new technology and competitors are just a few of the many things that a company manager has to deal with. It is little wonder that the needs of the staff are often overlooked. If everyone has turned up from work and... read more

From the Ground Up

As the owner of a pub or restaurant, a priority is the kitchen. You need experienced chefs, reliable local suppliers, an efficient team and a tempting menu. The kitchen has to be well equipped, with good systems in place to ensure that every table receives their meals... read more

Reducing Staff Sickness

When a member of your team calls in sick, it puts pressure on everyone else. The occasional day off with a 24 hour bug might be welcome, as no one wants it to spread, but longer term sick leave can have costly and detrimental effects. The majority of companies are... read more

Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

Time is a limited resource and for many business owners, this is evident on any day of the year. There are endless courses on time management, but putting everything into practice is a tough challenge. So many demands on your time come from external sources. You begin... read more

Improving the Chances of Staff Retention

Your employees should be your greatest asset. If you select individuals who share your values, who bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the company and who work well together, you can develop a strong, effective team. A good team isn’t solely reliant on... read more

The Importance of Cleanliness

As a business owner, the demands on your time and energy are seemingly endless. It is no wonder that certain tasks don’t ever seem to become a priority. There are those little niggles that you notice every day, we all have them. Each time you spot the problem, you are... read more

What Do Your Bathroom Facilities Say About You?

As business owners, we all understand the importance of making the right first impression. In order to achieve this, we might insist our employees wear a smart uniform, we can provide customer service training, we could add clear signage to our offices and invest in a... read more

Does your business need freshening up ready for the New Year?

-Health and comfort can be seriously affected by poor quality air in enclosed spaces- Then try  Air Steril – The Complete Air Purification Solution New Year is a good time to think about how to improve your business and the environment around your staff and... read more