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It is no secret that hydration is not only necessary to survive, but it also plays a big part in becoming the best version of yourself. Fitness fanatics are forever preaching the importance of healthy eating, but there is also a constant reminder that water is vital. So many take it for granted and don’t drink anywhere near enough H2O. For years, the recommended amount has been 2 litres, but this has now crept up to 3-4 litres, dependant on lifestyle and activeness.

Though for many adults, water is a basic fluid which doesn’t hold too much excitement. Compared to tea and coffee, of course they still count as fluid, but the amount of caffeine consumed a day should also be monitored. Guidelines say that four cups of coffee will take you to your limit, and this doesn’t include the caffeine in tea. You can see how it’s easy to go overboard on caffeine, particularly in the office and work space environments where it’s the norm to make a round of drinks every hour.
Water increases productivity, focus and well-being, and all in a natural way. As a business owner, you should make it a priority of yours to ensure that your employees are hydrated throughout the day. After all, the knock-on effects that this can have on the workforce are monumental. Job satisfaction is a huge factor in productivity, staff retention and morale, and part of this is enjoying the work place and facilities provided. Being able to offer first-class washrooms areas, refreshments and a clean workplace will enrich your employee’s day at work, and urge them to come back. Companies with lower standards of facilities face higher sick day rates. Businesses based in High Wycombe are relying on exceptional water dispensers from Chiltern Hygiene for just some of their office facilities.

Ensuring your staff morale remains high is not just a one-off job, it must be an ongoing journey of listening to your staff members and meeting their needs. Offering ideas and challenges in the workplace is a great way constantly evolve and replenish objectives for both you and your staff.
To help to promote natural hydration in the office, you can play a large influence of their choices when the kettle is switched on. As well as regular tea and coffee, herbal and fruit teas come in an array of flavours, so much so that they may persuade your staff to switch from the caffeine. During the winter, popping in a little lemon and honey to your mug will warm you up, as well as helping to banish any bugs which like to make an appearance this time of year.

To energise, cucumber, strawberry, kiwi, and orange are just some of the staple flavours which provide a fresh burst of life to your water. As well as boosting your vitamin intake, they have been proven to ease headaches and regulate blood sugar. Realistically, any fruit or vegetable combinations can be added to your water to give it a new lease of life. Experimenting in the work place with jugs of different delicious flavour combinations will not only hydrate, but also increase drive and bring your staff together as a team.
The water dispenser is an area for the workforce to break away from their desk, engage in a light conversation with co-workers and refresh their brain. You cannot expect anyone to stare at their screen for a solid 8 hours and produce work to a standard worthy, thus encouraging breaks is essential. Overall, having a relaxed work environment will boost morale, efficiency, and in turn, your profits.

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