Water Coolers

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Water Dispenser

Feeling thirsty?  A hydrated workforce is a productive workforce – “water is the ultimate tool for creativity”

Water dispensers are great for good hydration, staying healthy and for feeling fresh as we go about our day-to-day lives. We can supply you with a water cooler and water dispenser so that staff or visitors have access to clean, cool, fresh water whenever they like.

Borg & Overstrom Range

  • Efficient, functional and aesthetically beautiful water systems.
  • Offering added enhancement through refined style.
  • A mains fed water cooler for point of use.
  • Choice of water options including hot, ambient, cold, direct-chill & sparkling.
  • Floor standing or table top versions available.

Water Dispenser Services - Aylesbury & High Wycombe – Chiltern Hygiene