PAT Testing

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Making your business safe and Shock free.

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT Testing, is a common service to maintain electrical appliances.

PAT testing or portable appliance testing is an important part of any health & safety policy. The Electricity At Work Regulations, 1989 cover every kettle, fax, copier, computer, extension lead, etc., including 110V equipment, in a business or public place. Every electrical appliance with a plug on it, whether it is in regular use or not, must be maintained safely.  It is a legal requirement that such electrical equipment, and in particular the items being used in the workplace are, in simple terms, ‘safe, well-maintained and suitable for the purpose for which it is being used’ – at all times. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe, ranging from unlimited fines and imprisonment, or serious electric shock, or a fire (more than 2,500 people are either killed or injured as a result of electrical fires in the UK every year, and more than thirty people are directly killed by electric shock).

If you are responsible for an organisation then it is vital that you insist on a PAT regime at regular intervals to ensure SAFETY as well as COMPLIANCE. If an accident happens and a PAT regime is not in place, fines can be imposed. Your insurance policy may also be void, and you should check with your insurance company to find out their expectations in terms of frequency of testing.

Our experienced engineers are City & Guilds qualified, fully insured and CRB checked. They will come out and test all your equipment, label it and supply a detailed written report and certificate for your records.

Key tasks:

  • We visually inspect the appliance looking for defects.
  • Plugs are dismantled where so designed.
  • Terminals are checked for tightness and fuses are checked and replaced with the correct rating if incorrect or of a non- approved type.
  • Each item is put through a series of pre-set tests on specialised equipment to establish if it conforms to current legislation.
  • Those items that pass have a PASS label attached stating the date on which a re-test is due.
  • Any appliances that do not pass the test are identified with a FAIL label so that you are aware that they are unsafe to use and must be mended or replaced.
  • We produce a written report telling you the status of each of your appliances.
  • We maintain a copy of the report back at our office in case of loss or if required in the event of an enquiry.
  • We will get in touch with you when your next test is due.
  • We can offer a free and no obligation survey and quote for testing your appliances.

Call us on 0800 298 5682 to find out more.