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The current COVID pandemic has led to a huge rise in demand for PPE; masks, gloves and hand sanitisers and we have all become too familiar with stories in the media of demand outweighing supply by far.

The economic model of supply and demand is the driving force behind business. Unfortunately, in the current situation, people are seeing this crisis as a golden opportunity to make a “quick buck”. New PPE supplier companies are being launched, many online, with the sole aim to profiteer from the current situation.

The products they are selling may be sub-standard and not meeting the required regulations and prices may be artificially inflated to take advantage of business owners across the UK and Ireland  who are desperately trying to fulfil their duty of care to make their workplaces COVID-safe.

Suppliers you can trust

The IWSA is built on a foundation of integrity and trust. Our members work together to help improve and maintain hygiene standards around the country. All are committed to delivering a quality service whether it is through your regular washroom servicing visits or supplying PPE.

Mark Durn from Chiltern Hygiene, one of the IWSA members explains, “Now, more than ever, employers have a responsibility to keep their workforce safe. We have seen the devastating impact of this virus on thousands of families and for people to be able to regain trust and return to some sort of normality, they need to feel safe at work. People want to be able to provide for their families safe in the knowledge they are not putting them at risk”

Mark continues, “Members of the IWSA adhere to high levels of quality in everything we do. We can all be trusted to deliver.”

Whether you require PPE for a single site or have multiple facilities across the country, our members are here to help. Contact us on: sales@chilternhygiene.co.uk or Tel: 0800 298 5682.

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